A New Tool To Empower Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Power Workbook launches as new tool to empower pregnant women

Interactive format helps pregnant woman meet the unique needs of their own, individual pregnancies 


Colorado Springs, Colo. (March 6, 2012) – For the nearly 5 million women that will become pregnant this year in America, a new tool promises to convert the overwhelming amount of information available into practical knowledge that empowers each woman to meet her own, individual pregnancy needs.

The Pregnancy Power Workbook ,authored by prenatal and gynecology experts Dr. Jim Betoni, DO and Camilla Bicknell, RNC, WHNP, helps women better understand and prepare for their own unique pregnancies.

“What we’ve done is compile the most important pregnancy questions and answers and assemble them into a workbook that’s readable, interactive, and practical,” explained Bicknell.

Complemented by The Pregnancy Power Blog and the Pregnancy Power Community on Facebook, the Pregnancy Power Workbook is the first and only workbook-format pregnancy guide.

This distinctive format enables a woman to:

  • Translate information into useable knowledge. Instead of inundating a woman with facts, figures, and statistics, this workbook provides basic questions and easy to digest answers.
  • Speak the same language as her medical team. The step-by-step guide to prenatal care prepares the pregnant woman to ask the right questions during her doctor’s office visits.
  • Avoid unnecessary details that aren’t applicable to her pregnancy. The book’s question section allows the woman to choose relevant questions and then gives her space to record her and her doctor’s answers.
  • Stay on top of her prenatal care. In addition to questions and answers, the workbook helps a woman stay informed and up-to-date with features like a personal pregnancy timeline, pregnancy and lab flow sheets, and ultrasound awareness sheets .

“Many women are unaware of what they need to know or what questions they need to ask their busy doctors during the ‘typical’ 4-minute office visit,” Dr. Betoni added. “With our current medical system not allowing enough time to ensure that each woman has an adequate understanding of her unique needs, this workbook empowers the woman to take charge at her doctor’s office visits.”


The Pregnancy Power Workbook is available now through The Pregnancy Power Blog website or through www.amazon.com.


About the Authors

Dr. James Betoni and Nurse Practitioner Camilla Bicknell have called upon their combined 30-years of experience caring for women who are pregnant to construct The Pregnancy Power Workbook. In his 17 years as an OB/GYN physician and 2010 fellowship graduate in Maternal Fetal Medicine, Dr. Betoni’s experience includes providing high-risk obstetrical care in private practice, community health clinics, and university settings. Ms. Bicknell focused her practice and became a women’s health nurse practitioner in 1995. Dedicated to the most underserved, she continues to provide prenatal and gynecology care at a large community health center in Colorado Springs.