Expect the unexpected….experience The Pregnancy Power Workbook!

Power Health Press announces a pregnancy guide like no other.

The Pregnancy Power Workbook:

The 200 Most Important Question To ask About Your Pregnancy.

This book translates the massive amounts of pregnancy information into personally relevant knowledge.

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Between four and five million women in America will deliver babies this year. Prenatal care makes an attempt at preparing women for pregnancy, but the healthcare system does not currently meet the public need or expectation for real medical knowledge.

Pregnant women look everywhere for answers to the endless streams of questions running through their minds. The unique stresses of pregnancy overwhelm most women. The mental fog caused by hormone changes can complicate their ability to stay focused on the necessary details and responsibilities inherent in every pregnancy.

Early on, when the newness and excitement permeates every aspect of their lives, they easily spin their wheels while gathering information. As time goes by, however, the nearly impossible challenge of sitting down, reading, and comprehending a textbook style pregnancy guide adds to their confusion.

The simple and unique question-and-answer format of The Pregnancy Power Workbook boosts a woman’s knowledge by re-channeling confusion into order. She learns to apportion her learning energy where it can be most utilized, thus turning frustration into productive awareness through newly acquired knowledge and empowerment.

The benefits of an empowered pregnancy include:
  • Proactive and informed participation throughout the pregnancy
  • Answers to countless common questions that will free women from needless worry
  • Reassurance that the woman is taking the right steps for herself and her baby

Pregnant women need something different in the way of pregnancy guides. The questions and answers in The Pregnancy Power Workbook, based on standards from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, are simple to understand. They progress in a chronological, step-by-step format. This system will help women focus their energy on the essentials of their unique pregnancy.

The Pregnancy Power Workbook helps you work though the answers to questions including:
  • What are my fertile days each month?
  • Why do I feel tired and nauseated?
  • Why do I feel dizzy?
  • Why do I have extra saliva?
  • What is a placenta and what does it do?
  • What did my ultrasound show?
  • How do I know my baby is moving enough?
  • What’s my baby’s blood type?

This readable, useable, and practical guide will prepare women to speak the same language and have the same goals as their medical team and, ultimately, to become active members of this team.