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The Pregnancy Power Workbook.

Between four and five million women in America will deliver babies this year. Prenatal care makes an attempt at preparing women for pregnancy, but the healthcare system does not currently meet the public need or expectation for real medical knowledge.

The simple and unique question-and-answer format of The Pregnancy Power Workbook boosts a woman’s knowledge by re-channeling confusion into order. She learns to apportion her learning energy where it can be most utilized, thus turning frustration into productive awareness through newly acquired knowledge and empowerment.

This readable, useable, and practical guide will prepare women to speak the same language and have the same goals as their medical team and, ultimately, to become active members of this team.

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Are you planning a pregnancy? Are you already pregnant? Do you feel confused or powerless because you don’t know where to start?

No matter what stage of pregnancy you are at, you probably have many questions. It may be difficult to determine which questions need asking. As you scan the various pregnancy guides on the market, you will find many choices and lots of information. But how do you translate the vast amount of information into useable, practical knowledge?

The Pregnancy Power Workbook’s unique question-and-answer format will boost your pregnancy knowledge. When you seek knowledge and actively participate in the experience, you will become empowered! If you settle for a passive approach to pregnancy, by accepting information and instruction without explanations, the opportunity to become empowered will pass you by.

The benefits of an empowered pregnancy include:

  • Proactive and informed participation in your care
  • Answers to countless common questions that will free you from needless worry
  • Reassurance that you are taking the right steps for yourself and your baby

The mental fog that comes with pregnancy can make setting your learning priorities more difficult. The Pregnancy Power Workbook will jump-start your learning experience. The questions and answers, based on standards from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, are simple to understand. They progress in a chronological, step-by-step format. This will help you focus your energy on the essentials of your unique pregnancy. You can avoid the sensory overload and stress that come with trying to filter out unnecessary details.

With pregnancy comes the choice to increase your confidence and knowledge or rely on what you already know. By choosing to use this guide you will improve your understanding of the pregnancy experience. With over 30 years of combined obstetric experience, we have collected the most commonly asked pregnancy questions, and composed concise, easy-to-understand answers. This guide will provide you with nearly everything you need to know for a routine pregnancy. We hope you feel the Pregnancy Power!

Why we wrote the book

Why we wrote the book

Every year in America, four to five million women deliver babies. Our medical system’s ability to prepare women for conception and pregnancy lags behind the desire for medically relevant knowledge. In the rushed medical office, women often experience a process that treats them as patients who need to be told what to do rather than eager participants in search of knowledge. Professionals develop treatment plans in which individual differences and needs filter into a generic “prenatal care package.” The medical profession simplifies these complexities into a basic “quick visit” approach, emphasizing the Trust everything is fine and I will tell you if something is wrong method. Rather than becoming empowered, knowledgeable, and confident, many women assume a passive role. Unaware of what information they need or what questions to ask, they seek advice (right or wrong) from friends, family, the Internet, or books as a way to gain more control.

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